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       When you give me a call or email....... then make an appointment.......
Your wondering if I can........
1. design you a special piece, say an engagement ring or anniversary ring.
2.  goldsmith craft the designed piece into your treasured piece.
Yes I can.   
I will even offer to recycle any sentimental, family jewellery.  Whether it is a special  gold ring, or old gold chains, this material  can be refined into the proper karat and colour of gold to make your new piece. 
Note silver can be used too.     Oh yeah  I can use pure gold or silver.

Don't forget, I can remove the gemstones, say  the diamonds from the pieces you've brought in and reuse them in the new design.    
If you don't have the gems, or diamonds I can order them.  These will fit perfectly and be of the best quality. 
I source out gemstones and diamonds that are conflict free, and ethically sourced.  
Many gems I have cut and polished myself.

I can design the new piece on the computer, then I can 3d print the design for you.
This makes a wax type model, showing the details and how it even fits!
Very helpful when I show you where your gems or diamond sits so beautifully in the model....

Next I cast the model into lets  say for example  a  white or rose gold ring designed.
Ill  then sand and polish the ring, using the latest and most accurate polishers to make the ring gleam.
Then Ill set the ring in my jeweller's block which holds the ring and Ill use a microscope to help me precisely set the diamonds using my micro  air hammersetter.  To set all the diamonds, or which ever gem chosen.
Then the final polish and cleaning.
Next I wait patiently for you to show up and gleam with excitement and be joyed to get the new treasure into your hands.

  I use this  3d printer (Digital wax system)  to create the designed jewellery as a touchable   model for you.