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Letting us repurpose hierloom jewellery and restyling out of date jewellery brings you greater meaning and value.

some scrap parts and an inherited diamond

3 diamonds multi gem vintage wolch  diamond cross over  

 diamonds recycled and  reset into a new engagement ring
 For this project there were 6  by 2.5mm round  diamonds and one 4mm round diamond.     The scrap 10kt gold weighed 12 grams.   The finished ring weighed 6 grams in 14kt gold.  The cost of the ring was as follows.   The gold portion cost for the ring was $75per gram totaled $450.   The designing and model costs were $300.   The fabrication into gold, casting polishing and setting the stones totaled in work $600.
The total cost of the ring was $1350.00 to make it. plus taxes.  With the recycled gold given by the client the 10kt gold at 12 grams  provided  at $15.00 gram credited $180 towards the final cost.  With taxes it was  1525.00 less $180 gold credit.
With the stones valued at $1000.00
 the appraisal amount  for the ring became $2350.00 plus tax


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