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Letting us repurpose hierloom jewellery and restyling out of date jewellery brings you greater meaning and value.

some scrap parts and an recycled  diamond

3 diamonds multi gem vintage diamond cross over  

3d model tree branch on jade
3d model tree branch on jade
finished white gold 3d tree branch
finished white gold 3d tree branch
ethiopian opal silver gold ring
ethiopian opal silver gold ring



custom work   my 3d printer  3d   

We strive to give you excellence in design, from artistic fine jewellery to latest styles.   Using CAD and 3 d printing  I know there is no guess work on the design or quality.

 We also strive to give you the best for your investment into your treasured work.


Repairing    rings  my laser type welder for intricate repairs  welder

  • Diamond rings retipped
  • we use the best in platinum  white gold   yellow gold rose gold and sterling silver

    repairing chains    earrings     broaches   anything jewellery

    • resizing gold rings  starts at $25 plus metal costs
    • repair to chains  starts at $10.  silver or gold
    • retipping diamond rings  starts at $10 per claw up to $20 per claw

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  •  Gold items are assesed for karat type and weight
  • Gems are assesed and determined which to use
  • the new use as an engagemnet ring or a family, or special ring or as a pendant  is designed
  • once finished photos are taken and a new evaluation given

    gold prices see here