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Repairing gold chains or any jewellery
  Resizing gold and silver rings


  •  Note when you bring in your piece for repair.  I ll assess it free. 
    If it needs work I will suggest what needs and estimates for repairs.  I  write this up as a price guarantee.
  • I will establish with you repair time line to get your piece back to you and or dates to have ready for you

I use a pulse arc welder for intricate repairs

  • rings cleaned and checked over after repolishing it to a beautiful shine  with a complimentary polish cloth $30    

  • When I repair the jewellery I will use the best materials of proper quality.  I will offer to you that if you have some unused other jewellery containig similar metal I will offset the costs for you.
    I repair platinum, gold, silver, bronze and other metal jewellery.  No cadmium based jewellery.
  • repairing chains    earrings     broaches   anything jewellery

    • resizing gold rings  starts at $30 plus metal costs
      resizing silver rings no stone  $25,   with stone $40 on up
    • repair to chains  starts at $15.  silver or gold
      solder loops   silver or gold $10
    • retipping diamond rings  starts at $15 per claw up to $20 per claw
      depends on how much metal is needed this can be extra.

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