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 Custom work redesign jewellery 

take scrap gold  jewellery and the diamonds or gems out of the settings and recreate a new piece.

Letting us re-purpose hierloom jewellery. Have out of date jewellery restyled.    The possibilities with 
surprise you.  The new designed and crafted piece will  bring you  new  meaning and  restores value for you.

  Rings, earrings, pendants, made in styles  from tree branches to modern artistic creations. 
Ive made heavy gold curb chains, to massive platinum  curb chain. 
Ive used and re purposed  sapphires, diamonds. amethysts, tourmalines, tanzanites, garnets, spinels, rubies, peridots, emeralds, and
almost any type of gemstones.

Ive often repaired gold jewellery, and repolished gems too.

tree branch ring with diamond
tree branch ring with diamond  $1500
silver tree branches cast for rings
silver tree branches cast for rings

lava stone necklace
lava stone necklace

gold and diamonds

diamond gold tree branch theme
Tree branch theme with scattered diamonds
in the branches
gold cast cedar pendant
gold cast cedar branch pendant

Diamonds set in a gold ring to make a crown
Amethyst yellow gold and textured white gold
platinum chain
 platinum chain
smokey quartz top over stone ring
smokey quartz top over stone ring

sterling a45 record insert pendant 45 record insert pendant
 buffalo head pendant pendant in silver buffalo head
tree bark ring with diamond

blue sapphire and diamonds white gold

diamond mountain ring
squarish  ring with carved mountain groove and diamond set
mens signet style star of david band
mens signet style star of david band

white gold and diamond diamond in leaf carved claws
interlock puzzel ring
interlock puzzel ring

24kt gold etruscan roman style signet ring

ruby in vintage mens ring band

Squarish silver and gold ring with
family gemstones flush set in ring

Castle set diamond with
Squarish tri gold ring band

Sterling  and gold floral motif

Gold on silver bezeled family birthstones

Carve rose gold leaf on
carved white gold ring band

tri gold braided ring band

Actual cedar branch leaves
Cast in 14kt white gold

rose gold ring band
made from vintage pressing
from steel carved ring block

tree branch and rectangle diamond

pave set diamonds

braided band with sapphire

gold on silver egyptian design
diamond white gold recreation
blue sapphire white gold woven band
blue sapphire white gold woven band   $1800

Amber set in silver open top ring
yellow gold side bar with diamonds flush set
and half carat bezel set diamond

Silver and gold with blue sapphire

Castle bezel with diamond
purple flash labradorite silver
purple flash labradorite silver  $110

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