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  • stock of tumbling grits available 
    coarse 1 lb   $9.00
    medium 1lb  $9.00
    fine   1lb     $15
    tio3     1lb  $15
    Rapid polish 1lb $20
    cerium oxide  1 lb $60
    oxalic acid  1kilo lots $20

  • exotic and high grade slabs of stones  for sale
    If you are looking for a rare type of gemstone I can source it for you.

      diamond polishing wheels, and diamond drill bits ( 1mm size plated bits pkg 25 for $39.)    
        Flat lap wheels steel or sintered
diamond grinding wheels  and foam backed wheels
Note not every tool is kept in stock.  Orders placed and take up to 2 weeks, usually 1 week to arrive.


  •  thumblers tumblers for sale
    larger lapidary equipment are items that are ordered in to suit your needs.