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Diamonds and gems

We search for the best quality stone for your budget.  We use Certified & Conflict free goods since we began in business.

      tree branch diamond ring

  • Diamond

    here you will be directed to a quote site.  You can customize the cut, colour, clarity, and carat weight to get a real market price.  In Canadian dollars.
  • Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald, aquamarine,
    genuine birthstones or collector stones
    Larimar, turquoise, rutilated quartz, sugilite, tourmaline,  purple grape chalcedony, opal, jasper, petrified wood, druze quartz, black onyx, amber, amethyst, blue topaz, jade,
    ask for it I have it.
  • also custom gem cutting ask us

The four C's for diamonds and gemstones

  • cut means the shape for the stone round square
  • colour  how colourless the diamonds look, or how strong a gems stones colour is
  • clarity refers to no inclusions seen with in the stone without a magnifier
  • carat weight refers to the size of the gemstone 1carat is like 100%,or points. a stone that is 1 carat or ct.  is 100points,  and is usually 6.5mm round, a 5mm round diamond is .50ct, or a 50point stone.