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3 d  computer modelling, and  computer growing machine at Reddlinejewellery

Lets me be real,...   times change.  
I have worked making and designing jewellery for 25 years.   I am always learning, growing to push myself to create for my clients fine jewellery, artistic jewellery, family jewellery, engagement,  wedding rings.    I like to make jewellery works that inspire and feel good.

I have created many jewellery designs by first designing a piece on paper.   I would often take raw materials gold or silver and hand forge, by using my goldsmithing craft, create a ring or other piece of fine jewellery.   I would also carve wax models and cast these into gold and set diamonds.

I have learned almost all techniques working precious metals.  I have set many diamonds and gemstones, being a stone cutter or lapidary artist  I can offer more creativity by cutting a special gem for your jewellery.

It was this knowledge that I saw that I could design jewellery using a computer design modelling program called 3design. 
This fantastic tool helps me sketch on screen while my client sits and participates in their design.  This creative process helps me to capture and then create what sort of jewellery  design they had in mind.


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